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  1. @scott_mills @MattEdmondson Well, this won't be awkward...

  2. Fantastic, if you can find it! - Drinking a pseudo Sue by @TGBrews @ Stately Cheesehead Manor — #photo

  3. This one definitely needs to go in the beer fridge for awhile to mel... (Immort Ale (2016)) #photo

  4. .@TMobileHelp No LTE here now in NE IL, and "4G" might as well read "No Service".

  5. Drinking a Förgås by @duggesbryggeri/@stillwaterales @ The Boiler Room — #photo

  6. Drinking a Fulton St Blend Coffee Ale by @GooseIsland @ Stately Cheesehead Manor — #photo

  7. @TMobileHelp The old version of the app did that too. If your wifi was on, the app popped up a window requiring you to shut it down.

  8. @periscopehelp GoPro support is great, but I have no need to upgrade my Hero3 Black. Any plans to support more than just the 4?

  9. Enjoying a Monk's Café Flemish Sour Ale by Brouwerij Van Steenberge @ Mike's Donuts & Chicken — #photo

  10. RT @MenInBlazers: John Terry Last Second Hero: If you are watching with children make this a teaching moment: EVIL ALWAYS WINS #ElBlazerico

  11. RT @mboras1: @BMarshall @REALPACMAN24 @insidetheNFL what time will your formal apology to AB be taking place?...I'd like to watch it live

  12. #GBvsWAS @NFLonFOX @GRRMspeaking

  13. #RIPLemon